Elphaba's new Legacy Stripe Sweater!

  1. When these sweaters were out last year I was SOOOOO wishing I had a dog. And now I have a new puppy and she has her legacy stripe sweater! Its a little big right now, but I had to snap it up while I saw it...think it should be just right when she is full grown.
    elphie side view.jpg elphie's new sweater.jpg
  2. oh my gosh how cute!!! i would buy something like that for my puppy but i tried a t-shirt once and she chewed it off :tdown:
  3. How cute!! She's just precious in her Legacy sweater! I'd buy one for my dog in a heartbeat (along with the stripe collar) if she wasn't a giant Lab that loves to roll in mud :p
    What a sweet doggie you have!
  4. She looks too adorable!!! That sweater is perfect on little Elphaba! :smile:
  5. Oh my gaw that's so cute it makes me weepy!
  6. So cute! And I love her name, if my puppy was a girl, that would have been her name too! But he was a boy and his name is Snack! He has one of those sweaters too and he looks soo cute in it but he hates it! He's constantly chewing on the leather tag! I'm going to try to get him to wear it now since it's getting cold out! But that looks really cute on her!!
  7. Just adorable--both the dog and the outfit!
  8. Awww she looks adorable and I love her name!! Wicked is one of my favorite musicals :biggrin:
  9. Thanks everyone! Elphaba actually seems to really love her clothes. Which makes me happy cuz she looks so cute in them! I tried on her halloween costume yesterday and she was sad when it came off!

    I was happy to find the sweater because the collars are too bulky for her...she's less than 2.5 lbs right now, probably will only be 4-5 and when I looked at collars it just seemed like they'd be a little too much weight around her little tiny neck! Coach needs to recognize the little dogs and make a HARNESS which is what my baby's leash has to attach to anyway! Her collar is just for decoration!
  10. I have the same problem! My puppy is only 7lbs and all the Coach collars are way too bulky for his neck. I have the legacy stripe collar too but he can't wear it because it's too big. Makes me mad! She's so adorable! What kind of puppy is she?

  11. Thanks!!! :smile::smile::smile:

    She's yorkipoo, 13 weeks old today!
  12. Aww cute! Mine is a Bruss-a-poo, which I hate to say so I just say a Brussels Griffon Poodle mix! They're adorable when they're tiny! He was only 2 lbs when we got him and they grow so quickly! He's 7 months now and he looks huge compared to when we brought him home! But congrats, she's very cute!
  13. omg both the puppy and the sweater are way too cute!!!
  14. OMG.
    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen...!!
    So cute!
  15. the puppy and the sweater are entirely toooo cute. last year i wanted a pug so i could put her in a sweater.