1. I am beyond the *H* in help. I have a terrible cold and so I took a nap when I got home from work today and ended up missing out on bidding for the swing pack I wanted. It ended up going for $81 NWT. I was lucky enough to find another one NWT starting bid is $24. I emailed the seller asking if she had a BIN price and she said she would sell it to me for $95. Should I do it or wait it out? I really like it and want it, but I always have that thought that I might be able to get something cheaper. ugh, what should I do??? :girlsigh:

    Here is the auction

  2. If it were me...I would just wait at least until tomorrow. Since your not feeling well just give yourself a little break and make a decision not to decide...tonight. The auction has 5 1/2 days left. If you still feel like you want it tomorrow...then get it. I hope you feel better!:flowers:
  3. Hmmm...tough choice..to buy or not to buy. It's really cute though!
  4. if you are going to be able to watch it i say wait it out if not than just do the BIN price which is still a good deal
  5. I would watch it until the end. If the price went too high I would figured that it wasn't meant to be.. but that's just me.
  6. it's really cute.. if they have been selling for a bit more than that I would jump on it, if not I would wait like the other said. :yes:
  7. I agree. Feel better!!!
  8. Feel better! I personally wouldn't pay more than $80 for that so I'd wait it out and see.