elongreach's handbag collection

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  1. Here is the beginning of my bag collection. I'll put some more up later. :biggrin:

    1) MJ Putty Stam
    2) Balenciaga Dusty Rose Day Bag
    3) MJ White large Hobo
    4) MJ Black Polina and wallet
    5) This is a one of a kind, handmade bag I bought from this store in Baltimore that sells a lot of original stuff. It's glazed calfskin and it has this fur on it in the flap and hook, I don't know if the fur is real or not, but it probably is. You have got to see the inside of this bag!
    Stam.jpg Dusty Rose Day.jpg MJ large hobo.jpg Polina.jpg Via Chic.jpg
  2. Nice! :biggrin: I normally dont like the stam, but yours is very cute. Love the color.
  3. I love everthing! It's nice to see variants of the usual popular styles. Like that Balenciaga day bag is gorgeous! Would you mind posting a pic of you holding it?
  4. They are beautiful! I love your collection!!
  5. I'm also drooling over your stam, the color is so gorgeous. V
  6. I loooove the b-bag, it's gorgeous !
  7. Very nice collections! thanks for sharing pics with us! I love the color of the stam!
  8. I like your last bag. Very beautiful and the texture looks good. :love:
  9. Yea! Another MJ fan! Love the color of the Stam....so beautiful. And, I really like the last bag....very unique. What is the store called? I will be going up to Baltimore next weekend, and would love to check it out!
  10. Very pretty Stam!!! You have a nice collection!
  11. That last bag is awesome!
  12. Gorgeous collection! I love all the colors.
  13. Like them all but love the last bag !
  14. Beautiful collection! Love your MJs and the color of your bbag!
  15. I like your white MJ hobo, and also the putty stam. I'm loving that putty color!
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