Elnet Satin Hairspray has landed in the US!

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  1. FINALLY!! The legendary hairspray in Europe has finally come to America. It's sold exclusively at Target (against all common sense, if you ask me).

    A good friend and I have been stalking the Target website regularly to see when it would be available and by some stroke of luck, I checked today and the shipping time was no longer 2-6 weeks, it was 24 hours!!!

    I rushed to my nearest Target and was discouraged to not see it on the shelves. So I found an employee and he simply brought out his handy little palm pilot thingy which said they had all kinds of inventory in the back. :yahoo: He asked me what I wanted to get and how much, and sent me to a cashier who called the supervisor to get it from the store room. In five minutes, my golden cans were in my hands!!! $15.99 each.

    There is a huge article about it in the new Allure with Eva Longoria on the cover.

    No review yet. Will use tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!!:wlae::yahoo:
  2. Wow, I think I just assumed Elnett would be available everywhere, as it's been around since the '60s, hasn't it?
  3. Yes, but never in the US, and apparently, Australia just got it too. From what I have read, U.S. hair professionals have been bringing it back in their luggage from the UK for decades!
  4. ^ LOL! Really? :lol:

    How strange that it wasn't available in the US and Australia sooner. :shrugs:
  5. That's awesome! I've been hearing about this hairspray for years. I can't wait to try it! Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I read the Allure article today and was wondering when the hairspray would be available at Target. I don't use hairsray (because all the ones I tried weight my hair down and I HATED that - this one is supposed to be different) but will definitely try this!!! Thanks for sharing! Off to Target I go tomorrow.
  7. I just checked Target website and it still says 2-6 weeks for delivery... And it says it's not available in stores???
  8. I guess the new US version is slightly different than the one from Europe

    Still planning on trying it, though...soooo excited!
  9. $15.99 for L'Oreal hairspray?! Is it really that great (HONESTLY)? That seems very expensive to me... At Costco the other day I saw BigSexyHair styling spray, 2-pack of large cans, for only $14.99 :shrugs:
  10. Not all hairsprays are created equally. Like other products or services, more often than not, you pay for quality. If it works as well as advertised, it will be worth every damn penny to me.
  11. Call your store anyway! I ran when one of the three listed showed 24 hour delivery yet other two were 2-6 weeks.
  12. Does anyone know what this hairspray is all about? I've heard several people talking about this Elnet but no one could tell me why its so good.
  13. When I looked on the website, only two were left, the ones that had 2-6 weeks delivery time. I guess the third one was sold out...

    I'll call my store today. :smile:
  14. :yahoo:Oh thank you Lord! Every year I cart a dozen or so bottles of Elnett in my suitcase back from Italy to the US. Now I wont get pulled aside by security and questioned anymore. I am going to target.com right now!!!!
  15. 16US$ each?!?! Are you serious? :faint::wtf:

    I work at a beauty products store in here Germany and Elnett usually is around 3.49-4.49€ (4.46US$-5.74US$) in stores here.

    lol, does anybody know whether I'm allowed to ship them? :P I'm thinking about quitting work and law school to become a big time Elnett exporteur :graucho: