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  1. Does anyone here use an ellpitical machine instead of a treadmill? Do you know the pros/cons of using an elliptical, does it burn less calories?
  2. you burn less calories than on a treadmill, but its lower impact, so easier on your joints. still a great calorie burner though
  3. i do stair master but my girlfriend tends to notice that her thighs "thicken" with eliptical
  4. I own an elliptical. After having for a couple of years, I would recommend it to someone who is in fairly good shape rather than someone who is starting out. When I tried it for the first time, I was only on it for 10 minutes and I was wiped out. I was so sore the next day. It's definitely more intense than a treadmill.
  5. I love my elliptical! Less impact than running, and a GREAT workout!
  6. I alternate between the treadmill, elliptical and running outside. The elliptical is easier on your joints because it's non-impact. In my opinion it does burn less calories than running, but it's what you make of the workout, what intensity you have it set at, etc. I use the elliptical maybe twice a week, and I alternate between 30 minutes of high intensity interval training (usually on Mondays) and 45 minutes of moderate intensity at a steady pace.
  7. The elliptical is a great working - much lower impact - I use it as part of my workout routine and alternate with a treadmill and exercise bike.
  8. I usually alternate the elliptical with the bike..i hateee swimsuit season!!!
  9. i have a nordictrak elliptical (CX 1055). its a great machine. it gives a great workout, and there is no stress on the knees or joints.

    its huge and takes up a large part of my apartment (yikes) so it gives me incentive to use it daily.
  10. I like the elliptical and use it sometimes as a change from spinning. I think I get a better workout with less stress on the knees on a stationary bike than on the elliptical but both will let you get a good cardio workout.
  11. Does anyone's feet feel tingly when they use the elliptical?
  12. oh yes...I have a big problem with my toes going to sleep on the elliptical...but I still do it for 45 to an hour every morning. I love it.

    I find it helps to go backwards for a minute or two and that take the tingle away.
  13. I have one and I use to belong to a gym and it was my favorite. But after I got on the one I owned I ended up with a stress fracture that took about 3 to 4 months to heal. No fun at all.:sad:
  14. I recommend you use thinner socks, and make sure your shoes are fitting properly. My husband used to have that problem and as soon as we bought him some sport socks and some wide shoes, it went away.:smile: