1. Seems a few members have this bag or are starting to like it ( me included) It seems like a nice size for a daily use bag and something different then the (everyone has) mono speedy.

    Question is because if its shape does it hold much ? Also will a pti/ pochette style wallet and agenda fit in there ?

  2. I own the PM size and it's actually very roomy. It will definitely fit a pti and agenda. It doesn't have a separate space for a mobile phone which can a bit annoying.

    It was my very first LV. I love the shape of it.
  3. Yeah I have the PM as well and my everyday accessories are a PTI, 4 key holder, porte monnaie round (change holder), travel hairbrush, compact, small makeup bag, a couple of pens and my phone. I just put my phone in the patch pocket on the side along with the pens. And of course, it can fit more accessories like you said, an agenda, etc. It's suprisingly roomy for it's small size.
  4. wow it is roomy then :smile: thats great.
    May I ask one day when you're wearing it if you could post a pic with it full ?
  5. Here i thought it would be in the smaller side, good to know though thanks.
  6. I have the PM, it was actually my 1st LV. I love it!!!!!!! One of my favs. Ya, I wish there was a place for my phone as well.:sad: ...but I love it for the fact it is different and I hardly ever see anyone with it.:biggrin: Also, it does hold quite a bit. I :heart: the shape, very unique, and so cute!!
  7. thanks LVCRAZED, seems like this bag gets rave reviews :smile:
  8. The PM was my first bag as well.... Here is a picture with my stuff in it... In it is my small agenda, wallet, cc holder, makeup bag. Still room left!
  9. *sigh* Let me try again with the picture....
  10. wow it is roomy, thanks :smile:
  11. Lol sure! I'll transfer my stuff over to it later today and take a picture for you :amuse:
  12. No prob!:amuse: Ya, let us know if you pick one up! Good Luck on your decision!
  13. Here, I hope these work. I forgot, I also carry a little bottle of Purell.
    So everything I listed in my first post is in the bag now :smile:
    ellipse1.JPG ellipse2.JPG
  14. Oh you're a doll thanks so much. You have a bunch of room in there :smile:
    BTW it looks cute with the speedy charm :love:
  15. I used to hate it but now I'm actually a fan- but unfortunately my favorite model, the shopper, is discontinued. :sad:
    Ellipse Shopping.jpg