Ellipse PM or MM??

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  1. Hello everyone ;)

    I fell in love with the Ellipse recently and I have been saving up for a pre-loved one...

    Should I go for PM or MM??

    I am 5'6" and 145 lbs...

    Would PM too small or look funny on me??

    Will MM be bulky?? Instead of looking like a purse, would the MM look like a briefcase??

    I plan to use it as a everyday purse.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions!! :yahoo:
  2. Any suggestions, especially from the Ellipse owners, will be greatly appreciated!! =)
  3. I would say PM.
  4. Is PM too small for my height??


  5. I'm taller and I think it looks fine on me. But you need to work out what's right for you - does the PM hold everything you need to carry? I find the MM far too large.

  6. Thank you for your response!!

    I carry quite much stuff...does the MM look too big on you?? Or, is it too large for your need??

    Thank you!! :smile:
  7. Personally...I like the MM size better.
    I am shorter than you (5'2").
    The PM doesn't fit enough to my liking.
    I carry lots of junk. :biggrin:
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  8. :biggrin:

    Does it look bulky on you?? I like the MM more, but I don't want to look like I am carrying a briefcase instead of a purse :P

  9. I just don't carry much; there's wasted space in a PM for me so an MM would be pointless! That doesn't really help you though.
  10. I´m 175 cm so about 5ft7" (??) and I have the MM and love it! It´s not too bulky or briefcase-like to me. It´s kind of having the Alma or Speedy 30 or 35 but having an easier access inside the bag. I don´t use mine every day because at work I need to carry A4 files. I take it around town during weekends and have been getting lots of compliments! It´s definately not a very common sight and people always give me curious looks. :yes:
  11. To Rikachan: Thanks for your sharing!! It's great to know that MM is practical as well due to its size~ :biggrin:

    I am also thinking to sell my Batignolles Horizontal for the Ellipse??

    What do you guys think??
  12. Ellipse MM for sure! The PM is waaaay to small! I'm 5'3 and petite and the MM looks great!! The MM holds plenty AND keeps it's shape as it's a structured bag. Was my first LV! Absolutely adore it! Iv seen the PM carried by other taller ladies and I thought it looked a tad silly, as if they were carrying a childs bag... Not a good look IMHO!
  13. MM for sure. I'm 5'2" as well & it doesn't feel bulky at all. I wouldn't sell the BH for it though. You always need a shoulder bag.
  14. No MM doesn't feel or look bulky on me at all. It's the perfect size for my height and body shape.

    I agree.

    I agree with you also. ;)
  15. I'm 5'3 and I have the Ellipse PM and find it to be perfect. I don't find that it's too small or doesn't have enough room for what I carry. I carry essentials ( wallet, sunnies, phone, Clipa purse hook, brush, lipstick in Brighton leather lipstick case, gum, Brighton small leather zip case for grocery store shopping cards)) and it all fits just fine without being overstuffed.