Ellipse Moyen

  1. Hey gang! I just got the Ellipse Moyen and I love it!!!! Anyone else have one?
    Its HUGE but I am tall and it holds more then my BH! Which is really funny to me.

    Post your experiences with that bag!
  2. Wow - that *is* a big bag, but I wouldn't have suspected it would hold more than the BH. I just love the shape of the Ellipse. Congrats!

    We want pictures! And visual aids!
  3. OK will get on that later! LOL I have to go to the dentist this morning

    It does hold a ton its ridiculous! It opens Super wide...really surprised by how much I love it. My husband of course HATES it. Asked me if it was a bowling bag! LOL
  4. Ha! My fiance loved the small Ellipse when I had it, but I think he'd say the same thing as your DH about the Moyen. Just tell him, he doesn't have to carry it if he doesn't like it! :yahoo:
  5. I had an Ellipse Moyen and that bag is awesome! Unfortunately at the time I wasn't into hand bags... I attached my Speedy strap to it but I didn't like the way it looked or felt. I got rid of the bag. Bad mistake. Now I love hand bags and will eventually have to have another Ellipse Moyen. I think I'd like the next one to be Damier though. Look what I got rid of my Ellpise Moyen for:
  6. Congrats, a bag can never be toooo big!! :smile:
  7. I love the shape. I may have to get a petite ellipse in the future ;) My bf actually loves the ellipse. Hehe...I told him if he likes it so much, he should get me one!
  8. Congrats!!!! :yahoo: I love that bag.
  9. Congrats on the new bag!
  10. What is that bag?? Mine Moyen Does not look like that at all?? I am totally confused? What style is that?
  11. I do not think they make those any more...(I could be wrong but I have not seen one in ages!!!) it look just like yours but with long shoulder straps.
  12. Hey Selena:

    I have the Ellipse Moyen.

    It great, especially when worn in the winter with a cream pea coat.

    It does become quite heavy at times, mostly because the straps are not as forgiving as the Manhattan GM.

    But nontheless, you'll love it. It is a classic, and it is good thing that you bought it sooner than later.

    Enjoy your bag. It patinas nicely and evenly as well.

  13. THat bag was the Ellipse GM. They dont make it any more.

    I love the Moyen. Its rarely seen and you dont see fake MM's all over like you do the PM.
  14. Oh ok. Thanks Lucci you are always a wealth of LV info!! :smile:
  15. That bag is sooo flippin' beautiful... *big smile*