Ellipse MM...totally in vachetta leather!!!!

  1. Unbelievable! :amazed:

    But totally scary! :shocked:
  2. I think it's gorgeous, I'll be too scared carrying it. I saw the all vachetta bucket too, it looks totally naked.
  3. gorgeous. if only we knew it would stay that way! :lol:
  4. wah i just saw the vachetta noe last week on eBay... i wanted it but after my fears set in....I think with this one I would walk out of the house with it wraped in saran wrap!!
  5. Don't hate me for saying this but I don't like it.
  6. I agree. It doesnt appeal to me.:huh:
  7. I much rather the Vachetta Alma...now THAT'S an amazing bag!
  8. its just too weird and it has a very naked look to it.

    and it creeps me out a little. sorry but i'm really not used to the look.
  9. Angelina Jolie has one like this too, but I think hers was an alma. :love:
  10. It looks ok but not my style.
  11. i'd be way too afraid to ruin it!
  12. It does look naked like this, but I bet it will look gorgeous once the honey patina sets in.
  13. I agree:hrmm:

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