Ellipse knock-off?

  1. I don't know if this was a fake or an "homage to LV" by Fendi. I saw a woman with a bag that looked just like my Ellipse MM with Fendi logo print. Even DH thought it was bizzare. The leather didn't look like vachetta. I'm thinking it was a fake because it didn't zip all the way down like the Ellipse. My Blackberry doesn't have a camera or I would have snapped a picture.
    Enquiring minds...
  2. Probably a fake.
  3. Also guessing it's a fake... They don't even know what they're making fakes of. They's just take a LV model and print a fake Fendi-monogram on it. I've seen Speedy's with fake Fendi-monograms on it in the Czech Republic, and completely improvised models with fake LV-monograms. It's yucky.