Ellipse club

  1. Alright, i see there is no Ellipse club (such a great bag) so i have to start one!

    here is my gorgeous Ellipse PM (it holds alot, you'd be surprised)
  2. I have the Ellipse PM and the Ellipse Shopper
    ellipse1.JPG 100_6878.JPG
  3. I would like to have a mini Ellipse.
  4. Here is my mini Ellipse.
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  5. I own the mini Ellipse and the Shopper:
  6. Hmmm how did i miss this club:p
    IMG_5732 (2).jpg IMG_6141 (2).jpg IMG_6126 (2).jpg
  7. Wow there arent many of us here .....
  8. May I join...?:love:
    Ellipse PM Damier.JPG
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  9. I cant add a pic as my kids broke my camera! grr

    anyway I have the pm, its my first and fave bag even though I hated it at first when DH gave it to me.

    Now I love it, its such a stylish bag.
  10. I have an LV ellipse sac a dos backpack. Does that count?

    It's very comfortable as a backpack or slung over my shoulder, but it's a little small.


  11. i LOVE your Damie Ellipse! :drool: :heart: :love:
  12. Thanks Couture_Girl! That's my precious baby.:love:
  13. stunning bag :smile:
  14. Thank you Bag Fetish! I saw this young lady with the Ellipse just like yours and fell in love with the style, but had to have it in Damier.:shame:
  15. :smile: well yours is beautiful.. Congrat's and enjoy!