Elliott Lucca Handbags


Which is the most stunning Elliott Lucca of the 3?

  1. Izzie Satchel

  2. Andrea Satchel

  3. Astrid Hobo

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  1. I was walking arund Macy's yesterday and saw some Elliott Lucca handbags, I never really paid attention to them but saw a nice huge EL charm hanging, my initials, so I walked over. Now I looked at the site and saw 3 gorgeous handbags, what do you think? Is the leather nice? Do they last?
    1 -is the Izzie, not available until Oct and going to be in the Oct Lucky- retails for $218
    2- is the Andrea satchel for $298
    3 -is the Astrid hobo- a crinkly patent leather for $198

    Any opnions? :tup: or:tdown:
    izzieEL.jpg andreaEL.jpg astridhoboEL.jpg
  2. Thanks, you just answered my question that I posted in the other thread. So you can find them at Macys. I love the Astrid.
  3. I love woven leather. The Andrea satchel has my vote.
  4. izzie! it's so cute and has clean lines.
  5. I personally like the hobo best, but I wouldn't pay full price for an EL. You can get them on sale lots of places. I just got an Etoile satchel for $22 on Amazon and I got a gorgeous pebbled leather socialite satchel for ~$100 at off 5th. I also have a wallet from smartbargains that was ~$30.

    I've only had one EL bag that I wasn't happy with, so I returned it. The others are very good quality: solid craftsmanship, nice leather, good hardware, etc. Even at full price, I think they're a good deal, but I would hold out for sales. HTH!
  6. Only 10 people had an opinion? come on ladies!!
  7. the astrid! :yes:
  8. izzie!
  9. The Izzie. Does it come in any other colors?
  10. I have a small Elliott Lucca that I recently purchased. If you look at the new pic I added to my member name its on my lap. I really like some of the styles and the weave reminds me of BV.
  11. I don't know how they hold up but they look very nice. I like the 3rd one for the fall winter season.
  12. estella in brown medium i loveeeeee it
  13. LOVE the Astrid.....funny, I was looking at EL bags on sale at Neimans today....
  14. Izzie.
  15. The Astrid is gorgeous