elliot lucca

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    woven elliot.jpg
  2. That aqua purse is cute. Has lots of inspiration from other lines, i.e. Isabella Fiore, Bulga. But it still has it's own "life."
  3. Yeah it does. Totally reminded me of Fiore. I love the color. Sometimes Fiore's go that extra mile that kinda ruins the bag and makes it look too elaborate. But this is to the point.
  4. I like the aqua bag, nice style.
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    elliot satchel.jpg
    more colors and an Elliot satchel.
  6. I like the aqua bag as well. Where do you find this brand?
  7. Another vote for the aqua....makes me happy that the warmer months are coming!!!
  8. And Lord and Taylors... And Zappos

    I own a white Elliot Lucca bag that I just bought... I LOVE it so much...
  9. Could u post some pics?!