Elliot Lucca studded drawstring bag

  1. Has anyone ever heard of Elliot Lucca? This bag caught my eye and the price is not bad. ($268) I wonder how nice the leather is?
  2. Here's another pretty Elliot Lucca bag, and it's only $128! Does anyone own an Elliot Lucca bag?
  3. i really like the blue one!!
  4. The green one reminds me of a more collected bulga bag.
  5. I really like the gold one. The price is nice too!
  6. I like the gold too! Very nice... also curious about the leather. That is my price range too - would be great to find more designers in that bracket.
  7. Try Andrea Brueckner and take a look at the new Premier collection at Banana Republic.
  8. i LOVE the first one. it's gorgeous.
  9. Love the color of the first one! But the second one captured my heart...too gorgeous! (and finally in my price range) I love the strap and the tassles aren't "too much".
  10. hi there. when i was looking for a great red bag a few days ago i came to the forum to ask for suggestions. but i had already seen and fallen in love with the red elliott lucca on the bloomingdales site. i am expecting it in a week or so and i'll let you know what it's like. in the meantime you can see more at www.elliotlucca.com -- they do some very interesting Bottega Veneta-like items which are a fraction of the BV price :biggrin:
  11. very pretty colour...it is quite the same colour as the darel's tourquoise charlotte.
    nice bag.
  12. I like both of those bags. They also have a pretty yellow bag on the website. For the price, I wouldn't think you can beat it. I will stay tuned to hear about the quality, also.
  13. Elliot Lucca is the higher end brand of The Sak I think. I love the blue bag :smile:
  14. Love both but prefer the gold one.