Elliot Lucca anyone? Saw these totes -

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  1. In the May issue of Marie Claire mag I found these totes and thought they looked so pretty! Apparently they're made by Elliot Lucca and from what I can find out via google he was one of the original founders of The Sak and I guess these line is kind of an off-shoot.


    Has anyone heard of these bags, tried them? They do have their own website and I see a tote that is similar called the 'Toska' but nothing in these colors there yet. I also tried looking them up at marieclaire.com since apparently they're going to have some kind of give-away but from what I can see they still just have their April stuff up.


  2. I wonder how soft those bags are..they look really pretty.
  3. I think they are so pretty too and they look really soft in the pictures, even more so than the scan shows. I'd love to get dimensions or feedback from anyone that has purchased this brand.

  4. I've heard the name, but have never owned one. They look pretty though.
  5. There have been a few threads on Elliott Lucca, if you do a search. The most recent one had some surprisingly snotty comments in it from people who have never owned one of his bags, but I currently have 2 and a wallet, and I love them. The leather is not smooshy, but it's high quality. My only gripes are the linings (not very luxurious) and the fact that they don't include dustbags. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say!
  6. I have no idea about the quality, but I checked the site out of curiosity and some of the bags seem nice enough, like these two. They remind me of Bottega Veneta but in gaudy colors. Now I really would like to see them IRL

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  7. They have some really cute Elliot Luccas at the Loehmann's in SF right now. I picked one up and carried it around for awhile... the prices seem pretty reasonable and the quality not bad.:tup:
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I called the company and they said that these totes will be available on the website and out in stores around 4/25 or so. They said they'll come in both a medium and a large size and will have all four colors above featured plus the one that's on the website now that looks like kind of an animalistic print - the Toska.

    The measurements on the medium tote were 14.5 long, 3.75 wide and 12 high. Yay!

  9. Treegap- I have an Etoile satchel too! :tup:
  10. I have an Elliot Lucca, it's similar to the pics you posted but mine has leather handles, not canvas. Mine is called the Estella Satchel. I attached a pic below.

    The leather is actually very nice, it's a bit mooshy, but it keeps it's shape pretty well. I really love this bag. My only complaint would be the same ones above - the lining is a bit blah and no sleeper bag.

    Mine came from TJMAXX for $179, occassionally some will make it there :tup:

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  11. Great bag, thanks for posting! I am really interested in these totes, they look great for summer with the pretty shades and the canvas handles and I think the medium will be in the upper $200's range which is not too bad at all.

    Gee, I'm almost afraid to go into TJMaxx now after the recent stories but maybe I'll have to brave it. :smile:

    ps, the contest is up at marieclaire.com under 'free for you' if anyone else wants to take a shot, doesn't hurt to try!
  12. LOL!:roflmfao: Yeah, I read that thread too!

    I just went to my TJMAXX over lunch for grins, most of the carnage was over. There were 3 coach bags left, a TON of dooney in the younger looking prints, but all of the 'lesser known' leather and italian leather bags were still around. A really pretty Michael Kors I wanted.

    I'm not sure if my Elliot Lucca is a medium or a large, but it is a good sized bag that holds a TON of stuff. My favorite part(s) are actually those outside pockets in the front. They are magnetic, and that makes them SUPER easy to get into so I put the things I reach for alot in there - cell phone, ID badges, garage door opener, etc!
  13. Do you love it? What color do you have? I haven't carried mine yet, but I just adore the style- it's so classy looking and I don't have many structured bags, so I got the Etoile in black croc print leather. I wanted the regular black leather, but I couldn't find it anywhere and I eventually found the croc one on Lord and Taylor's website on sale so I had to snatch it up!
  14. ^ I have the large Etoile in wine croco. I do love it! The color makes it a great fall/winter bag!!

    I actually had the silver one too, but I returned it because I didn't like the way the shiny metallic leather looked with the classic, conservative shape of the bag (if that makes sense).