Ellie's Emmys & Alana

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  1. Girls,

    Im on a roll with the photos now! Once I get the hang of something, Im fine.

    Of course the house is in total chaos - bl**dy Mulberrys everwhere.

    Presenting my Emmys & Alana:

    Cognac & Almond Darwin Emmy
    Black Darwin Emmy
    Celery Darwin Emmy
    Chalk & Mahogany Emmy
    Vanilla Darwin Emmy

    Rust & Brick Alana with matching Alana Purse (one of my fave sets)

    Attached Files:

  2. Stunning! I love your Alana purse. :smile:
  3. :nuts:Oh wow, more beautiful classics!!! ...it's just getting better and better!!!!
  4. Wow lovely Emmy's collections! Pls give me ONE !! :P

    Thanks for sharing, i really love it! :biggrin:
  5. Gorrrrgeous Emmy's & Alana! I absolutely love my Vanilla Emmy on sunny days :love: that rust and brick combination is divine!!
  6. Gorgeous, Ellie! I'm a great fan too! Wish I could come and take a sniff, love the smell :smile:
  7. Gorgeous ells- now have you actually used any of these? love the vanilla and the black!!
  8. Yet more beauties. Again the leathers and colours are tdf. Keep them coming Ells. Can't wait to see more!
  9. ooh that rust/ brick Alana is particularly stunning!!!!! Wow- Ellie- you truly are on a roll!
  10. Oh Ellie .... I really really really wish you hadn't posted this set ..............;)

    Agree that the brick & rust is tdf :tup:
  11. Gorgeous bags I love that Celery one such a great colour
  12. Love the Emmys! The rust Alana and matching purse are just tdf, you have a beautiful collection Ellie :cloud9:
  13. Such gorgeous colours! I think my favourite is the rust and brick and the celery. I loving these great pics! Am staying in today ( dd2 has caught sickness bug from dd1 and dd3 is still recovering from it!). Your beautiful bags are a a shining beacon on an otherwise drab day! Much appreciated xx
  14. These are pretty,love the colors,your closet must be huge :biggrin:.
  15. wow, these are just gorgeous!! love the colours ellie!