Ellie's Bays - The final 26, so that = 40!!!

Mulberry Ellie

'Ells Bells!!!
Feb 15, 2009
Cotswolds, UK
As promised, the remaining 26 of my collection of Bays.

Ive also taken individual photos but Ill put those in photobucket (once I work it out of course.)

Girls, Thank you so much for all your lovely comments, I will try and answer all your questions.

My favourites are

Merlot Imperial - Rich Red Printed (high shine)
Sapphire Tiber - Dark Navy Printed (high shine)
Midnight Cracked Metallic
Navy Wexford - looks like Glove leather
Oak Darwin
Choc Darwin
Black Darwin
Oak Printed
Black Printed
Walnut Tiber
Olive Tiber
Sheepskin - My Womble:yahoo:
Ginger/Chesnut Congo
Plum Congo
Poppy Glove
Plum Antique Glace
Cognac Antique Glace
Yellow Selfridges Wrinkled Patent - No2 of 20 Ltd Edition
Apple Darwin

I could go on...........The top 2 are my ABSOLUTE favourites!


Sarah Lizzie

Feb 11, 2010
Oh my:faint: More beautiful Bays, J'adore your sheepskin one:love: ...and the Raspberry! You are indeed the Bayswater:queen:

Mulberry Ellie

'Ells Bells!!!
Feb 15, 2009
Cotswolds, UK
This is the full list of my Bays:

Apple Darwin Bayswater
Aqua Matt Glove Bayswater
Autumn Gold Tiber Bayswater
Black Congo Bayswater
Black Darwin Bayswater
Black Printed VT Bayswater
Black Spazzalato Bayswater
Blonde Darwin Bayswater
Ginger/Chestnut Congo Bayswater
Chocolate Congo Bayswater
Chocolate Darwin Bayswater
Chocolate Printed VT Bayswater
Claret NVT Bayswater
Cognac Antique Glace Bayswater
Coral Soft Grain Bayswater
Grey Tiber Bayswater
Gunmental Grainy Metallic Bayswater
Khaki Arno Bayswater
Lemon Soft Grain Bayswater
Marine Soft Grain Bayswater
Midnight Cracked Metallic Bayswater
Midnight Patent Bayswater
Sapphire (Navy) Tiber Bayswater
Navy Wexford Bayswater
Oak Light Antique Darwin Bayswater
Oak Darwin Bayswater
Oak Printed VT Bayswater
Oak Rio Bayswater Butterfly
Ochre Darwin Bayswater
Olive Tiber Bayswater
Plum Antique Glace Bayswater
Plum Congo Bayswater
Red Glove Bayswater
Merlot Red Imperial Bayswater
Red Patent Bayswater
Rose Darwin Bayswater
Walnut Tiber Bayswater
White Soft Tumbled Grain Bayswater
Yellow Wrinkled Patent Selfridges No2 Bayswater
Chocolate Sheepskin Bayswater

Sarah Lizzie

Feb 11, 2010
Just one question:graucho: How on earth do you get anything done?! ...I'd be sitting there and admiring these beautiful ladies all day, every day!:love: xoxo


Jun 19, 2009
Wow !!! They are gorgeous I think I need a Bays:P

Can I ask do you use them all and how do you decide which one it would take me forever they are all so lovely and look so different despite being the same bag
Sep 1, 2008
Melbourne, AU
Ells your collection is breathtaking.........
I love the red printed bays, the navy bays, the oak printed bays, the navy patent bays........... i could go on and on :love:
Thanks so much for sharing your beauties with us x x