Ellie or Blake?

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  1. Hi all!
    I'm so sad to hear that most of you think that Kooba is going or already has gone downhill - I am so new to the the purse/Kooba world!

    Anyway, I know the purple bags have been out for quite some time (I'm behind the times, remember:P), but I really want one! I think I am torn between the Blake and the Ellie in the purple. I know there are a lot of purple bags out there, but I love the crackle and/or distressed colors these seem to offer.

    I think the Ellie looks more solid (?), but don't know how it will go over my shoulder. I love the Blake though because it just looks fun, but I'm worried that it may look cheap??

    Thanks so much for taking the time to educate this newbie!
  2. I like the ellie more, it just looks much better and the buckles give it a nice accent. i saw the blake in purple on ebay and well it looked really not put together nicely. i just love how the crinkle of the ellie! well thars my opinion!
  3. I'm with you... thank you SO much for your input!
  4. Sorry it was not more detailed, i am still looking for my 1st kooba =) let me know which one you decide to get!

    btw purple color ellie :tup:
  5. The Blake is not as sturdy a bag. The purple crackle Ellie has that glazed, crackled finish. The Blake is patent or regular leather, not crackled, from what I recall. Finding a patent ameythst is difficult now. The Ellie is a secure shoulder carry whereas the Blake has a longer drop.