Ellie Mae is the best!!!

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  1. I just have to shout :yahoo: about my new paddy, courtesy of Ellie Mae who is the best seller I have ever come across in my years of buying and selling online. I bought her silver argent metallic paddy on bonanzle, being my first purchase from bonanzle although I have over 2,000 feedback on ebay.

    She was so helpful and even when the parcel did a little detour in the States lol, I could tell she was feeling my pain from the UK.

    So if anyone ever comes across Ellie Mae as a seller, do not hesitate to be 100% confident of what you are buying and dealing with a fantastic seller, thanks again Ellie Mae, you are a star.....:sunshine::urock::ty:
  2. Yay for Ellie Mae of bonanzle! Enjoy your new paddy!
  3. Oooh I was drooling over that paddy on bonanazle! How lucky for you to get it.

    Please do share pics of it in it's new home :heart:

    I don't think you could have picked a better seller for your first bonanazle purchase:tup:
  4. And our darling Pauline is a STAR buyer.. MOST PATIENT of the USPS screws ups... you girls have to hear about this....
    I trot down to the PO to mail Pauline's bag to her in the UK. Express Mail INTL... and so I send Pauline the tracking #'s... and we are watching.
    2 days later the USPS label # says "attempted delivery in Arvada Colorado, notice left". :wtf:
    So, I call USPS 800# while Pauline :faint:....:roflmfao:. And USPS starts an investigation. A couple days later the CUSTOMS FORM # shows up on USPS tracking showing "something" on it's way to UK. So, we hold our breath and wait to see what she going to get! Kind of like "USPS Grab-Bag Surprise"??:nuts:

    ANYWAY.. thankfully, Pauline hung in there with me, and her package arrived today and IS the 06 Silver Argent Paddy, safe and sound! WHEW! And she LOVES it. :yahoo: So, finally, the argent paddy has someone who will take her out and show her off!

    I am most honored for you to have her, Pauline. :heart:
    Now go show off your new bag! :woohoo:
  5. :wtf: How crazy! I'm glad it showed up safe and sound in the end!
  6. I've had similar stressful experiences! I posted my jeans moyen to a buyer in canada and filled out the insured airmail slip only to get to the post office to be told that canada doesn't accept insured post. So I had to send it regular airmail! I was stressed for the next 3 weeks. It was awful!

    Plus I've sent something to the East coast of the US and it went to the West coast and was redirected.
  7. :wtf: How terrible! I would have been so worried too!

    So Canada and Germany (remember poor DaisyRockyRosie:sad:) can't receive insured parcels from Australia? I wonder why.:confused1:

    I'm lucky that so far (fingers crossed!) all my bags have arrived on time with minimal redirection.
  8. No doubt the US postal systems are horrid! I do so appreciate Pauline for hanging in there with me and having some FAITH. Some crazy buyer might have immediatedly filed an INR when she saw her tracking # said "delivered in CO"! :nuts:
    Pauline.. next time, ya gotta come get it, girlfriend!;)
  9. Wow, what a journey! But happy to hear that there was a happy ending. :sweatdrop: That's a gorgeous argent paddy. Congrats!!
  10. Glad to hear it got there safely... My german buyer by the way has been making inquiries on paddingtons off ebay usa... I still don't know whether this buyer genuinely never received her paddington or if she has worked out an ingenious way to rip people off...

    We all know ellie mae is a trustworthy soul here! Glad to hear the chloes are staying in the family!

  11. I hope the paddy hasn't arrived and that if it does arrive, she lets you know. With everything you hear about ebay, you can never be sure :sad:
  12. Yes, I can only agree: Ellie Mae is the best! She was incredibly supportive and showed she really cared before christmas, when she was helping me to get a vermilion regular Bay from the US...[​IMG][​IMG]
  13. Ellie, darling :heart:, do you have a black medium Betty for sale :graucho::rolleyes:;)...?
  14. Ellie mae she's our gal!!! Rah, rah, rah!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  15. Nice to hear a story with a happy ending... Enjoy your new beauty!