Ellen Tracy

  1. I stupidly bought a new Ellen Tracy bag without first considering whether or not it would be authentic. I received it today and it has no tags or signs that it's an Ellen Tracy bag other than a leather "strip" sewn inside the bag above the inside pockets that say "Ellen Tracy Ellen Tracy Ellen Tracy" (etc.). Can anyone with ET bags verify whether or not their bags have this and if there are maybe other signs? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi, where did you buy it from? I bought an Ellen Tracy bag a few years ago from Bloomies, and yes, inside is a beautiful leather strip that says Ellen Tracy Ellen Tracy, etc. The bag is beautifully made. I don't recall that there were all sorts of Ellen Tracy tags with it -- just the Bloomies sales tag. It did have a sleeper bag. Ellen Tracy bags are fabulous for the money-- great design, good leather, nicely made. They get no press and are totally "under the radar." They are hard to find too!
  3. Same here, Ellen Tracy is fantastic quality for the money. I have several and they have the same strip. There are a couple on great sale at Nordstrom online right now, someone ought to try them....they're below $150 I think...
  4. Zappos has 3 pages of Ellen Tracy handbags, many are on sale. If you are a confident shopper and KNOW your styles -- you'll see that these are FABULOUS. And the prices are excellent.
    Also, another trick: when you look at "designers" the listings, on the big sites, like BG and NM, Ellen Tracy will never show up under handbags. But, if you type Ellen Tracy handbags into the search box, they have them. Ladies, when you see the price, and the quality, and the style, you'll wonder why you didn't consider them before. We are so stuck on "fancy" designers, that we aren't recognizing style when we see it. Enjoy!
  5. I have an ellen tracy which I haven't used for awhile but it is on my mind to give it a whirl again. She makes great bags.
  6. Thanks everyone! I got it from eBay, which is why I was so iffy about the authenticity. But the construction & the quality is excellent, and it seems like you guys all have the "ellen tracy ellen" etc strip inside, so I feel better.

    Yes, the bag's leather is NICE! I'm so glad I found out about Ellen Tracy :smile: :smile:
  7. Can you post pics??
  8. I'm not familiar with this line of handbags, but I have lots of Ellen Tracy clothes that I buy at Neiman's and Saks and they are definately well-made and classy.

    Hope you enjoy your new bag!
  9. i just found an ellen tracy bag at loehmanns for $200 and it is fantastic! i had never heard of this line before.
  10. ellen tracy started out with clothes -- also, not so easy to find. but really nice stuff -- and rather expensive too! a nice ellen tracy outlet at woodbury common.
  11. I bought the Ellen Tracy Hartford bag in brown. The leather is SUPER soft and squishy yet it has the frame bag style. LOVE it!!
    At retail price it was nearly $300 but I waited (stalked) and got it on clearance for $67!!!
  12. Where did you find it at $67? WOW!
  13. I have an Ellen Tracy and from memory, I don't think it even has the 'ellen tracy ellen...' strip inside it; just a label sewn into the seam of the lining, with 'Ellen Tracy' on one side.

    This is the style I have:


    It's a lovely bag, but, unfortunately, I've never used it, as I prefer a longer shoulder strap.

    Ellen Tracy Hobo (chocolate)..jpg
  14. What a simply fantastic bargain!
  15. At my local Dillards.
    I frequently stalk my favorite bags, waiting for them to go on clearance! lol