Ellen TRACY or Lockheart Handbags?

  1. HI, Anyone familiar with Ellen tracy or Lockheart handbags? If so what has your expeience?
    ellen tracy.jpg lockheart1.jpg
  2. I bought an Ellen Tracy rather large, black hobo at Bloomingdale's two years ago for less than $200. The leather is incredibly soft and supple and since it was so inexpensive I never hesitate to drag it along whenever I need a large bag that can take a beating. Also I typically get more compliments on this bag than all the other Bottega and Bbags I've acquired over the past few years.
  3. There is a thread "under the radar" or something like that on tpf. Ellen Tracy bags are fabulous. Beautifully designed, great leather, and: great prices. Hard to find though. I've seen them at Bloomies, Macy's, and not many more places. If you don't need the "fancy" labels (Miu Miu, Chanel, etc.) definitely keep your eye on these bags.
  4. I LOVE Lockheart. Top notch quality and original designs. I have the "Croc Rock" bag in green. BTW, Lockheart was formed by two top designers who left Isabella Fiore.