Ellen Pompeo Quietly Weds in New York

  1. Ellen Pompeo now officially has her own McDreamy: the Grey's Anatomy star and fiancé Chris Ivery married on Friday, her dad confirms to PEOPLE.

    "I'm very happy for her," Joseph Pompeo, of Everett, Mass., said Wednesday. "She just didn't want a big thing."

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg served as a witness at the brief ceremony, which was performed at City Hall in Lower Manhattan by a city clerk, the Boston Globe originally reported.

    The connection between the couple and Hizzoner has to do with the fact that the record-producer groom, 38, grew up in Boston, while Bloomberg himself is a native of Medford, Mass., and they have mutual friends. Pompeo, who also turned 38 on Saturday, hails from Everett.

    The mayor offered his best wishes to the couple and "a lifetime of happiness."

    "We have a lot in common," Pompeo has told PEOPLE of Ivery. "We're from the same hometown, almost."

    A Love Story

    The couple met in a Los Angeles grocery store in 2003 and began dating about six months later, after "one night she just looked different to me," Ivery told PEOPLE last year.

    "They are over the moon," the actress's spokeswoman told the Globe of Pompeo and Ivery.

    After the nuptials, the newlyweds reportedly were seen at Sunday night's Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, before the bride returned to Hollywood to continue shooting her series – though it soon threatens to shut down due to the writers' strike

    In June, Pompeo had told PEOPLE her wedding would not be a lavish affair, but that it would be held out of town.

    "There will be no 'big' anything," she said. "It's going to be very small."

    Beyond that, she and Ivery, who became engaged in November, would only say, "We were thinking about going away and getting married."
  2. I just saw this too on People. They seem to suit one another. Good for them!
  3. i like her. she's discreet and not a fame-seeking attention whore like most celebs.
  4. yay for her...that is great!
  5. She said it was gonna be small and discreet and she wasn't lying! congrats to them!
  6. I heard this today too! talk about a quiet wedding! good for them. They were both so cute on the Oprah show a while back
  7. good for them!

    however, did anyone see them on punked a few years ago? i can't look at her the same since she made such awful comments!
  8. congrats to the both of them!

  9. I vaguely remember that. Something at restaurant? What did she say?
  10. she was talking about wanting to stab the waitress with her fork and watch her slowly bleed to death... it was VERY disturbing:yucky:
  11. that couple sucks!! BOOOOOOOOO
  12. Wow, that is disturbing!!!
  13. Congrats to them!

    Hmm, remember hearing about the Punk'd incident. Hopefully she's a bit more chill now.
  14. Congratulations to them!

    I remember seeing the Punk'd episode with them, and it just made me think of her differently. I have always been a fan of hers b/c of Grey's Anatomy, but I didn't like how she acted on Punk'd at all.
  15. Cogratulations to the both of them!