Ellen Pompeo Punk'd...what can you say?

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  1. YouTube - Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy gets punk'd!

    What can you say about Ellen's reaction? A lot have been saying she was being B*itchy but for me I guess it was kinda okay since the waitress was really "hitting" on her bf
  2. Was that in New Jersey??
  3. That was funny. If I was her I would have been cranky too LOL
  4. It wasn't that blatant, a couple of sweeties doesn't do it for me, a hand on the arm or a crotch grab, yes.........
  5. She was ready to kill that girl...
  6. I really like her! Made me laugh!
  7. dang, if I was her, id be the same way...
  8. ^^ my thoughts exactly! She wasn't even rude to the girl.
  9. God I love Ellen Pompeo... She has the cutest voice too, especially when she got all upset about the tip...
  10. I agree that the waitress wasn't that blatant about it! I would just have touched or hugged and kissed my man in front of the waitress, if I felt that insecure.
  11. I cant look at her the same ever since i saw her on punkd. I used to think she was really sweet but when she was saying those disturbing things about her blood dripping and how she was going to stick a fork in her clavicle, she took it too far. I know she wasn’t serious but who thinks like that?
  12. What disturbed me most about it was her accent :roflmfao:
  13. I tried to see it and it was removed...WTH???:wtf:
  14. yah!!! it was remeved!!!!!! why???
    Anyway, yup, she does seem insecured with her bf
  15. its gone. :sad:
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