Ellen handbag giveaway

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  1. Ellen on her show just gave everyone a Marc Jacobs Vienna handbag. How lucky ot be a part of that audience.The women were going crazy, the women who had their husbands their were even luckier- they get two! They got to choose black, brown, ivory or another brown color.
  2. AHHH! Those lucky women .. first Oprah's favorite things, now this ..
  3. I saw the advertisement for her shows where she was giving stuff away. It's funny cos I thought, "Hmm, wouldn't it be cool if they gave away a nice bag..." :P
  4. Now all of those women, if they dont already, are going to be obsesed with designer bags and crave more and more just like we do!
  5. Oh yes, perfect! More poor victims to lure into our dark corner of the internet, muahahaha... :lol:
  6. LOL:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Very lucky ladies - and I think it is awesome that they were given a choice of color.

    If women went with their husbands, that extra bag would make a great Holiday gift!
  8. Oh man, I would have loved to be there with my dad, Vlad, brothers, and then get one of each. And since I don't feel like sharing and I love that bag, I would not give one away for a gift!!
  9. Me too Megs. Keep them all.
  10. WOW!! Is Ellen giving away more nice bags later?
  11. Naughty girl! Santa sees everything, and I think you will get a big coal this year :smile:

  12. I would have kept them all too!!!
  13. I think you can go to her site and register to win one, but no she just did it for today for her 12 days of Christmas giveaways, (I only happened to catch her show because Oprah was a repeat- but maybe tomorrow I will tune in to see what goods are next).