Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Were Spotted Leaving A Medical Clinic In LA Today

  1. [​IMG]
    A couple’s visit to a medical clinic?
    Could there be a baby in the works for these two?
    2008 is the year to make it happen!!!! Get pregnant while it’s still cool, folks!
  2. Portia's boots are um...interesting!
  3. I like Portia's Hermes Evelyne bag. It looks great casual.
  4. ^ Agree!
  5. Aww I love Ellen Degeneres~ She's the most hilarious woman alive HAHA
  6. Love them both!
  7. Portia's Uggs boots and Evelyne bag work well together,nice casual look.
  8. I've never seen boots like that. I don't think I understand them.

  9. exactly. funniest woman!! they could be going in for a checkup who knows. lol

  10. Here is a better picture of the boots she's wearing,she just has them folded over.
  11. They look happy together!
  12. She's wearing UGG Classic Cardy: I'm still waiting for mine :push:
  13. Great news if this is what we think it is. I think Ellen is great and actually pretty too.
  14. I LOVE Portia's boots!!!!!!
  15. I hope Ellen will be the one carrying the baby.