Ellen Barkin's brown croc birkin...

  1. Does anyone know the exact color? And whether it's shiny or matte? I caught a glimpse of it (on the tele) and couldn't tell. TIA!
  2. OMG......I would love to see a picture of this bag!!!! On her!!!! I adore Ellen Barkin!!!!
  3. VH1 - Divorces...
  4. Hi Shopmom,

    Go to Getty Images and put in Ellen Barkin and a couple....pictures come up with her Croc Birkin on the street,

  5. The bag looks great but Ellen..... not so. I wouldn't have recognized her.
  6. She's definitely been through a lot... Ellen, maybe the bag too! :crybaby:
  7. I have to explain: even though Ellen Barkin doesn't look her best in the Getty images database where she's shown walking in the meat district with her matte croc Birkin, I was actually referring to pics I saw a couple of weeks ago (I forget where) that were taken after she left (got kicked out of by her husband?) her apartment in the middle of the night, her Birkin/s stuffed with whatever she managed to stuff in. She was in her jammies if I remember correctly and looked awful. Just awful.
  8. S'MOM, i was shopping in the Lanvin section at Barneys in Beverly Hills alone with her and mistakened her for an SA. haha she was pissed.
  9. Nooooooo.....you're kidding, Croissant!!!! OMG.....I wish I'd been a fly on the wall......

    Never could understand her attraction to Ron Perelman......she certainly didn't need the money.....
  10. husband? i hope he's in his 20s or early 30s because when i was at Barneys with her she was all over some young dude (who was, incidentally, ogling me!) :roflmfao:
  11. i remember it was late, near closing, probably around 6:30pm on a weekday, already dark outside, so it was dismal and empty. we happened to be the only three people on the same floor and we were all in the same section. there was also an SA fluttering around somewhere grabbing a few things for her and for me. there was some 80s music playing and she was dancing to it trying to be sexy for the young guy she was with who was sitting on a chair. she was looking over at me seeing if i was watching. i'm more than SURE i must've rolled my eyes at her-- LOL. anyway, i felt transported, like here i was this new yorker suddenly stuck in some 80s movie in LA. i was thinking "richard gere? julia roberts? you guys gonna pop up next any second too??"
  12. interesting story, croissant! i thought i read that she was involved with a younger actor, can't remember his name right now though!

    as for her exhusband, i think he's quite a bit older. but he's rich. very very rich. i'm sure a divorce from her didn't cost him quite that much money, and i think i heard they got one just prior to the cutoff where he'd have to pay her more. that's sad.
  13. croissant, this is hilarious!!
  14. She did quite well for herself in teh divorce from Perelman (who kicked her out of the apartment at night). The jewelry alone fetched 20M when she auctioned it off plus she gets a couple millions a year in alimony.
  15. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: