Ellen Barkin

  1. I think she looks great
  2. Ellen Barkin starred in a movie with Dennis Quaid that was made somewhere in the 80's. I believe Ned Beatty was also in it, and it was called, "The Big Easy". It was one of my favorite movies. If you can find it to rent it, you should. Ellen Barkin was absolutely beautiful then, and she is now.
  3. I hope Ron Perleman is regretting letting her go! She is terrif!
  4. Wow, she looks amazing!!!!
  5. She is one of my favorites! So classy and honorable. There was a big article/interview with her in Vogue a few months ago that I thought was terrific.
  6. Hmph! He probably already has another gf half her age! He seems like a jerk.
  7. I :heart: her!
  8. Woah... Is it the movie where they are in the bayou, speaking cajun etc.. ? I just saw it!!
  9. She recently auctioned off the jewelry that he gave her (I think totalling in the millions). lol Smart move!!!!!
  10. She looks great and she has fabulous style. Very classy.
  11. she's a great lady!
  12. Penney Pretty!!!
    She still looks great, I love her.
  13. Oh yes she does...
  14. She looks awesome !!
  15. Loved her in Sea of love....and al pacino in that too :graucho: