1. I would say it's fake. I would steer clear of unauthorised sites like this. They don't provide many photos and the photos they DO use are probably file photos of real ones.
  2. it seems fake for me ... plz hun post authentication Q's in the sticky thread :flowers:
  3. Do they sell authentic bags???
  4. Looks like a big fat "no" to me.
  5. Has anyone ordered from them before? I'd like to know if they sell authentic goods. They have alot to choose from and I'm thinking about buying something. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  6. I'm afraid I can't help but I would love to know as well. They have some great Prada nylon there, which is what I have been looking for!
  7. Anyone??
  8. I would definitely say No. The low prices for high end bags is a dead giveaway by itself. Also, you can usually only get Chanels in boutiques, and no real ones would be there (and at that price point).

    They're probably playing off the name ELuxury, which sells only authentic bags. ELuxury.com is great; ElleLuxury sells fake bags.
  9. Wahhh misusing and abusing the name Elle. :yucky:
  10. The usual assortment of commonly faked Pradas, a restocking charge and (my personal favorite), they mis-spelled Gabbana in the index!:roflmfao:

    In other words, I'd take my money elsewhere.
  11. They mispelled the "Giorgio" in Giorgio Armani too. They spelled it "Georgio". :p
  12. i'm voting it sells fakes too. because most of the designers that DO sell online do it at eluxury.com and they are trying to trick people by having a similar website.
  13. i think that website is selling fakes also.
  14. they spelled "Ferragamo" wrong!! they spelled it "ferragammo"