Elle Magazine ~ One Year(12 Issues) Only $5.95 At HSN

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  1. thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks from me too bag!!! :tup:
  3. Thanks and I have sent you a pm.
  4. Thanks. Placed my order today. You can also get extra 15% off (about .89) your order with code at checkout (C56574, this is only for first single item purchase). Not much but still, nice deal :P

  5. LOL!! Thanks fab! I found that last night on retailmenot, but not until after I had placed my order! Hey....89 cents is money! I started to say that it would buy you a cup of coffee, but then again, maybe it won't! HEHE!
  6. I just wanted to say I was going to sign up for this but then I received a issue in my mailbox but a July one (aren't they usually one month ahead?) Sorry, just wanted to say how weird. Lol.
  7. All the magazines that I receive are a month ahead!
  8. GREAT! I just did this and went thru ****** for additional % back
  9. 12 months of ELLE for 5 bucks - amazing - thank you!:tup:
  10. Apparently, mines one month back but I think it's a free subscription I did a few months back. Lol.
  11. My subscription is scheduled to start on October 10 and I've already received an offer from Elle to extend it for an additional year for only $5.00!! Obviously, I didn't hesitate!
  12. Thank you!!! Just got a subscription and saved the extra $.89!!! :wlae:
  13. They had that last year and my mom got it for her and for me - I'm renewing mine right now!
  14. It really is such a great deal! Lucky just sent me a renewal offer as well for only $9.97 so I'm good to go!! Not being able to get the deals I once did on Ebay has been a bummer.