Elle Mag Spread - Dior, MJ, Furla, YSL

  1. The June issue of Elle has a great spread of their picks for Fall's "Must Have" bags and shoes. I'd better get my AmEx revved up and ready to go!!! (Sorry for the poor quality, I just took pics with my camera). The YSL boots are fierce!
  2. IndyCat, thanks for sharing. =)
  3. what is that MJ bag made out of??
  4. The description just says "Plum suede bag," but in the picture, you can see vertical ribs on the suede. The texture created by the ribbing looks great.
  5. Thanks for posting!
  6. What is that black bag that is crushing the teddy bear?! And does it have a price! I love it.:love:
  7. It's Marc Jacobs. I don't know the price or the name though; it's not on the MJ website yet.
  8. Marc Jacobs Plum suede bag -- $2150USD.
  9. ^^ Wow! I expected it to be expensive, but not quite that expensive.
  10. Wow, I love the Marc Jacobs bag. :love:
  11. The Marc Jacobs bag is quite beautiful, but I don't think it's $2150 worth of beautiful - unless, of course, you have $$$ to burn. If I had that kind of money, I'd go straight to Saks to buy the Prada bag I saw yesterday ($1395) and then order the plum suede MJ. Aaaaah . . . it's fun to dream. :P
  12. $2,150 is rather high for such a fashiony bag. I'm surprised. It couldn't be real tortoiseshell on the handles, could it? I don't think they're allowed to use that anymore.
  13. Winter: the description in the magazine doesn't specify the materials. I do think you're right, however, that real tortoiseshell cannot be used in most countries because the tortoise from which the shells are taken in on the "critically endangered" species list.
  14. What do you guys think of the FURLA bag? My boyfriend got me one but i'm thinking about returning it. i think that red for a bag is too bright. a deep red would be nicer.
  15. I've seen that bag IRL and think it's really pretty (the ruffle detail is especially nice). I have two red bags that I love (I like for either my bag or my shoes to "pop" and add a spark to my outfit) - but, all that said, if you don't feel comfortable carrying a red bag, you should return it and get something that suits you. :smile: