Elle Mag Sept Fashion Issue ? comments ....

  1. I had a question and then thought it might be fun to open up for comments -- because there was a lot to dish on in that mag.

    On page 316 is a tribute to Emilio Pucci. There is a beaded mini dress from 1967 that I would do many a bad thing for. :yahoo: I have been trying to find that photo online somewhere. I 'd love a pic of the dress alone. But the model is priceless. If anyone knows the location of that pic online I'd much appreciate it. Also the uniforms he made for Braniff Airline Flight attendants. I could have some fun with those shots.

    Oh and the Louboutin pumps on page 286 that have hand made bows on the back are too die for. How absolutely gorgeous.

    I could live in this magazine for weeks. Help with the Pucci would be great!
  2. Is this the Accesories mag?

    I LOVE it.. so much eye candy!
  3. Elle has become my favorite fashion magazine and I've bought them all, especially September. The thing that caught my eye was the feature on Ralph Lauren Rugby. A few of the outfits featured saddle shoes. Vintage saddle shoes at $450. But I thought they could look really cute with jeans and a cashmere sweater, just different. Just caught my eye for some reason...:amuse: