Elle MacPherson on the beach *PICS*

  1. I can only hope my body looks like that at 43!:nuts:
    Elle.jpg Elle1.jpg elle11.jpg elle21.jpg
  2. WOW! Her body rocks
  3. Hot!!
  4. She's soooo hot! I love her and I wish I can have a body like that when I'm that age - heck, I want a body like that now!
  5. definition of milf.. so jealous!
  6. wow not bad.
  7. Yeah.....i'm thinking the same too:yes:
  8. She looks fabulous!
  9. God, my body didnt even look like that at 17
  10. I'd like her ass....right now!!
  11. She is one HOT MAMA!!! OMG her butt!
  12. Sexy.........hot........mommy
  13. she is one smokin mom. Wow.
  14. She may be a momma, but she has many people that do things for her enabling her to take care of herself. (please always remember that...it is hard when you don't have all that help)
    My girlfriend actually works out at the same gym she does in London and she is there regularly alone. She also says she is never smiling.
  15. She looks good, good for her:yes: