Elle Macpherson arriving at Cipriani restaurant in London's West End, September 20

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  2. Hard to watch her getting older...she looks good though.
  3. She looks good but maybe its time for her to cut her hair.
  4. She looks nice but she looks old !
  5. I think she looks great for her age! She's not 20 anymore but she still looks terrific...I agree about the hair though.

    IMO this is what Sienna Miller will look like in 20 years!
  6. She looks FANTASTIC!!! I am a huge fan of Elle and her style!:tup:
  7. You know just once I would like to see Elle looking rough!!!!! It is so NOT FAIR!!!!!!! Why oh why don't I look like that????
  8. Great outfit!!! Too long extensions though...
  9. She looks great!
    How old is she now?

  10. Elle turned 44 in March.
  11. She's channeling Cousin It in these pics... :lol:
  12. She's beautyful!
  13. Exactly! Elle is gorgeous and has such a great style. Love her!
  14. ^^ ITA H Addict & Karo!!

  15. So do I :tup: