Elle: Louis Vuitton, Spring 2006

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  1. Reminds me more of a winter purse...
  2. yeah not too springy-looking at all...:weird:
  3. Reminds me of Versace bags.
  4. now that you mention it, it does give off that vibe...:amuse:
  5. ^^^The gold pieces and style are very Versace like. It's really weird how designers tend to copy each other.
  6. Thats so true, its not very spring like. It looks heavy and bit 80s
  7. I love it, it does have that retro look.
  8. It's alright but it looks like an old vintage book w/ handles. (And yes, very Versace-like)
  9. We think "ew"
  10. i do not like it, sorry.
  11. I love love love it
  12. I like it, but there are LV bags that I like alot more that I would buy before I bought that one.
  13. same here!
  14. Not a fan:shame:
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