Elle (Italian edition) and a Chanel gift

  1. Hi Ladies!

    The italian magazine ELLE has its 20th birthday. As a gift for the readers there is an interesting gift! It's a cahier of Chanel. It has a plain black cover with the written "Cahier Chanel" a small logo for Elle's 20 years. On the back it's all black and in the middle there is the Chanel logo.
    Inside there is a 2 pages Chanel Allure advertisment and the pages are all white with a small Elle 20th years logo. The magazine plus the cahier is sold for 4 euro.
    I'm attaching some pics.

    03-11-07_2108.jpg 03-11-07_2111.jpg 03-11-07_2110.jpg 03-11-07_2109.jpg
  2. Aww that's cute! I would buy that if they had it here.
  3. that's cool! i will go check out my local Borders :smile:
  4. Very nice!!
  5. thanks for sharing!
    i'm going to head over to indigo and see if i can pick myself up a copy :smile:
  6. wow.. that's kinda cool

    i should see if they sell it in here.. thanks for sharing with us :heart:
  7. Is it the current issue???? I'm calling my Mom in the morning (she's in Italy) !!!! Thanks!!
  8. Thank you ladies! I thought it was interesting :graucho:

    Steffibp: I bought this on Friday and it's November number so she should find it easily! :yes: