Elle: April 2007 Issue

  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd share a few pics from the latest issue of Elle... there weren't too many, but it's always nice to see such beautiful stuff anyway :graucho:

    1. Madison flap? (Looks a little less weenus-y here...)

    2. Diamond shine?

    3. Bangles, necklace, swimsuit- all Chanel

    4. Hat, dress, shoes, bag, bangles, belt (um, let me know if you want to see anything in more detail..)

    5. Cuff

    6. Umbrella and boots

    7. Naked bags
  2. Thank you!! I love seeing these pictures!
  3. Thank you for posting!
  4. Love the belt!!!
  5. I like the diamond shine. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks for posting! That patent flap is gorgeous! Still don't like the Madison.
  8. Thanks for posting! !! The small reissue looks so so chic !
  9. thanking for posting. I like the second one.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post these!:flowers:
  11. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  12. the "diamond shine" bag is a beauty! thanks for posting dukechickie!
  13. that's actaully the patent ritz...I have one...
  14. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!