Ella Pretty's bags:

  1. Thanks for all the lovely comments! It's very nice of you all to stop by and let me know what you think :love:

    LV LoVee - the Hermes Tote is a nice size and very comfortable to carry. It's a shame Hermes discontiuned that line - as there were some really pretty colour combinations :shrugs:

    canadianstudies, kawaii miumiu, IrisCole - the pink Kristin is my favourite bag at the moment too...unfortunately - it's drawn my attention to how lovely Coach all-leather bags can be...and my wishlist has grown!

    miss gucci, BAL_Fanatic, notoriousliz, beljwl - thanks - I'm not yet loyal to one brand - I like a little bit of everything :biggrin:

    Lovedior, ashtray-girl - I'm so glad I have my gucci bags - they were on my wishlist for so long!
  2. Coach: 2010 Rose Sabrina #12937

    Coach: 2010 Poppy wristlet

    Kate Spade: White Leather Chainstrap bag
  3. Pretty!
  4. Nice collection.
  5. Fab collection, Ella. I like your newest additions.
  6. Thanks Sewon, Alex Spoils Me and Necromancer!

    I've been getting a lot of use out of my Coach rose Sabrina bag - it's very durable!

    Now I'm busy saving up for a Balenciaga First :smile:
  7. great collection!
  8. Great diverse collection! Love it!
  9. great collection!
  10. nice
  11. Beautiful collection! I love your Guccis. :smile:
  12. Great collection. :tup:
  13. a very nice and pretty bags collection
  14. Great collection and love the Hermes tote.
  15. Very nice collection :tup: