Ella Moss and Splendid Warehouse Sale

  1. This weekend!
  2. SOO jealous :sad: Wish I was in LA!
  3. Dang it, I have to work on Saturday, the only Saturday I'll work all freaking year.... crap. I guess I'll go on Sunday and see what's left over. Bleh.
  4. Oh how fun! I wish I could go. :sad:
  5. Oh my I wish I could go there~:crybaby:
  6. Bummers :sad:
  7. anyone else going? this is one sale I think imma hafta miss out on.. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and Sunday, I already made plans with my mom.
  8. anyone go to this yesterday? i want to know if it is worth the trip down the 10
  9. I did not go yesterday, however I have been to this sale when I used to live in LA. If I recall correctly, the prices were ok- around $20-$30 for a top still. That was probably 2 years ago though...but I personally would never go again.
  10. Sad! I wish I was there....get some great stuff ppl!
  11. My friend & I hit this yesterday and SCORED!!!! We got there early and were among the first to get in....I bought 20 pieces for $400!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!
    I got a bunch of dresses, tops etc. GREAT SALE! I will definitely do it next time (but only early- that line got LONG!!!!)
  12. Personally, I didn't think the available styles were that great.. but the prices were great! :smile: if you guys want a price list, here it is!

    Splendid stuff---tanks ($10), tops-s/s l/s ($15), shorts ($15), swt shirts/pants w zipper ($25), swt tops w/o zipper ($20), dresses ($30)

    Ella Moss stuff--tanks ($15), tops-s/s l/s ($20), shorts ($15), skirts/pants ($30), dresses ($40), swtr tops ($25), bathing suits ($20)

    PS. and OH the line was LONG
  13. yea... wayyyy too long... we saw it and left! stila was worth it, though