Ella Is Here!!!

  1. Introducing..............Ella! She is a wonderful puppy so far - very sweet - no accidents in the house (yet) and just the cutest thing. I am officially in love! :heart:
    0817071023.jpg 0817071033.jpg 0817071442.jpg 0817071854.jpg
  2. awww, a cute little fluffy thing, sooooo adorable!!! your daughter(?in your avater now?) must be so excited too, yes?
  3. what a cutie!!!! She looks so lovely...I just want to cuddle her...
  4. Thanks guys! Yes my daughter is in LOVE with her and so are my two sons. She is hard to resist.
  5. Very cute. Congrats!
  6. awww she's adorable! i LOVE digs so much :heart:
  7. OMG!!!! Finally Ella is the PERFECT name... She is so cute I'm melting :heart: I want one :yahoo:
  8. Ella looks so sweet and adorable. Congrats on the new addition to your family!
  9. She' beautiful!:heart:
  10. What an adorable little face!
  11. She is soooo cute :love: Congrats!
  12. Oh she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations on your new family addition! Hugs to all! :smile::heart:
  13. She's a cutiepie! :heart:
  14. OH WOW she is so so so so cute!
  15. Oh Ella is so darn cute! I had to show her to my daughter.. major dog lover just like me! Don't you just want to hold her constantly?!