Elkington help - or something else?

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  1. Hi all:smile:
    After my bayswater tote had to go back because it was faulty, I have credit to spend. :graucho: (My other thread on the bays tote shows photos of the faults.) So one of my choices might be the Elkington as it's one of the few bags still available in nvt. My question is can you double up the strap to make it a shorter shoulder strap? If so, does anyone have photos? In which case this might be a good choice, then it could be hand held, cross body, or short shoulder which covers all possibilities, and it's a secure bag.

    Other choices could be:
    nvt bayswater - more expensive, heavy, quite large and bulky, secure, classic
    tessie hobo - good size but looks compact, secure, similar size and style to my daria hobo, this was what I was going to buy but fell for the bays tote in the sale
    tessie tote - cheaper, large but maybe too bulky, too open for London, unsure about micro fibre lining
    small alice zip tote - good size, understated design, secure, I haven't heard much feedback so unsure if it's a good purchase or not
    blossom tote - cheaper, too open for London
    small marty backpack - haven't seen this - any thoughts?
    slim heathcliffe - nvt!, good size etc but strap very long and couldn't be shortened much

    Oh, and the bag will be in black. Anyone know if there's anything in the outlets at the moment which might suit?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Hi blue..personally no i cant see how you wpuld double up the strap at all on an elkie.. Sorry!!
  3. If you can have a look at the mens section there may be similar bags that float your boat and meet all your needs? Sorry not so up on them not as OH doesn't work anymore and we don't buy mulberry now
  4. Have you had a look at a Mitzy tote. They have a longer strap so you can do cross body or shoulder. They also have small handles to carry in hand easier. I have an eggplant one and love her. The best of all worlds for me. And they're in the outlets I believe. And in black!! :biggrin:
  5. Hi Elvis, I was hoping you'd pop by! That's a shame you can't double up the Elkington strap, I was really hoping it was possible!
  6. Well I could always go for a large antony or a slim brynmore, I have been wondering about those two in lovely nvt!
  7. Hi, and thank you for your suggestion. I'm never quite sure about the mitzy tote but maybe I should have a look. A had a small hobo in purple for a while and the leather was just amazing, I really regretted selling it later!
  8. Well a quick update - I had some unexpected time in town the other day so I went for another browse but I didn't have my credit voucher with me as I wasn't expecting to have time to go to the M store! My thoughts:
    Bayswater - can't remember if I even saw one in black nvt
    Tessie hobo - there wasn't one out in any colour, I had to ask
    Tessie tote - only oak on display, I don't think this is for me, it's too wide and open
    Small alice - again other colours on display not black, very slouchy, not much Mulberry dna
    Blossom tote - the SA said it would scratch badly and isn't designed to be an everyday bag - But it's still 500 quid!!!
    Elkington - the strap is very long even for me and I'm tall, it doesn't alter much because there's only a small part that is leather where the holes are. It sat low cross body and was by my thighs when on one shoulder - the strap will only stretch!
    So I still don't know the answer! On reflection though I don't think I saw any antony bags, one slim brynmore in oak, can't remember seeing the big brynmore. There were bayswaters, and sbs's and lilys but only a couple of darias slightly hidden away. It's almost like the more traditional styles were not being shown. And this was Bond Street by the way!!
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