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  1. HI! I read somewhere in this forum that Elizabeth Thomas' handbags aren't as nice as the ones at department stores or boutiques.. Someone said they were boxy/stiff..

    I'm thinking of buying one or her handbags!! I'm soo excited but then I read that and got a little sad.. Is this true? For all you girls that have ordered from elizthomas, can you tell me your experience?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Oh... I brought a Balenciaga bag from her before and is great, nothing wrong with it. However, I'm not sure with the Chloe bags.
  3. who is ELizabeth Thomas?
  4. an ebay seller....
  5. I have bought from the Chloe boutique in NY, Nordstrom's and Elizabeth Thomas. The bag I bought from Nordstrom's I returned because it was in my opinion below standards - I then bought the exact same color and year of bag from Elizabeth Thomas and it was amazing. Perfect leather, perfect pebbling, very uniform and absolutely new as stated. I got the perfect bag from her - and it was ten times better than the one from Nordstroms. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. ps - I do not know her or am I related to her - just so you know. Hope this info helps!
  6. My DH bought a whiskey bag from her and it's lovely.

    All stores and sellers get a huge variety of bags. I have seen some lousy bags from huge department stores. Or perfect ones.

    I doubt any one sources gets "good" or "bad" bags. It's just that some of Chloe's products are more special (to us) than others.

    If it's important to you to get a really smooshy pebbled bag, maybe you could find a source where you can handle the bags first? Choose the one you love best?

    I think that's what Audrey did and she came away with the best 06 choco ever.
  7. ^ I agree with hmwe. I ordered 3 Chloes from various department stores and one was smooth, one was really pebbled, and one was a combination of the two.

    People like their bags different ways. More shape, more saggy, smooth leather, pebbled leather... so "good" paddingtons are in the eye of the beholder. If you want something specific the best thing you can do is head down to a shop so you can individually pick the perfect one for you. :yes:

    And about Elizabeth Thomas, she has some great pebbled bags - look at ilove2shop's whiskey! That bag is GORGEOUS!! :love::drool::heart:
  8. I have a whiskey paddy from elizabeth thomas and it is lovely - very smooshy and pebbly. When I contacted her I told her the type of leather I was looking for and she found me just what I wanted. Throughout the entire process she was extremely nice and helpful!!
  9. Thanks sooo much for your replies!

    I would love to choose my bag IRL but they dont sell them where I live.. The only option I have is the internet... :sad:
  10. what do you think???

  11. I hear you Sebi!! I live in the stix.
  12. Loooks amazing!!!! :yahoo:
  13. OOOO That blanc looks so pretty!! :love:
  14. Very pretty!!
  15. That is a Gorgeous Blanc!:nuts: While it's not considered a really "pebbled" bag, I noticed with a lot of 2006 bags the leather is like the one you pictured. Distressed, but not so pebbly in some swatches of the leather. I saw lots of paddingtons that looked like this at Dept Stores. It's beautiful!:love: Good luck on your purchase!:flowers: