Elizabeth Charles Warehouse Sale (NY & San Francisco)~Thurs-Sun*Up To 90% Off

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  1. its already online!

  2. I did a search, but didn't find it posted...nor am I finding it when I search again. :confused1: Where is it?
  3. I think what goodmornin is trying to say is that the sale is already happening online now :smile:

  4. Oh...okay!! I didn't even know that were having it online, but that's because I don't check out most of the sales that I post....otherwise, I'd really be broke!! HEHE! I thought maybe I had posted a sale that someone else already had and I try so hard not to do that!
  5. Thanks bag! I scored a lovely coat.
  6. That's great! I didn't even glance at what they had as I'm trying so hard not to spend more money on things that I don't need.
  7. haha I'm trying hard not to open anymore of your links.. but I just love the Aussie designers they have! I really want to buy more stuff but I just tallied up how much I've spent this sale season and its pretty much MORE than what I usually spend in a year!!

    Eeeeek and they're in San Francisco!!! I opened the page and quickly closed it in case I enter in my cc details... :graucho::graucho: