Eliza - White or Black MC?


White or Black MC Eliza?

  1. White

  2. Black

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  1. * I voted white just so I can see the results without having to click on the link!

    Here's my situation:

    My black Epi Segur should be here within the next week.
    After my trip, I want to buy the Damier Geant Couguar in black, but I recently saw actual pics of it (have not seen it IRL because there are NONE in Canada!) and realized I may not like it as much as I thought...so if that's the case, I *may* get the Ivoire Epi Speedy 25 instead.

    Before, I wanted to get the black MC Eliza because black is less high-maintenance than white, but realized that I'd have three new black LV purses: the Segur, Couguar, and then Eliza, so I changed my mind to getting the white MC Eliza instead of the black.

    Now that there's a possibility that I may get the Ivoire Epi Speedy instead, I may end up with two white purses, white MC Eliza and Ivoire Epi Speedy :sweatdrop:

    So! Now I can't decide! I'm leaning towards the white, but I'm not sure how heartbroken I'd be if I get those little black marks on the white MC (which, by the way, happens to CB too and I have a few of those marks on my cles but not very noticeable)...they are quite common on small accessories like wallets (some on eBay are dirty like :yucky:!) but what about on bags, for the white MC bag owners?

    I like black because it will probably be a tad more suitable for fall/winter, and it will go with anything, but do I really need another black purse in addition to my Segur PM which is probably the most versatile out of my whole collection?

    P.S. I do like pastel colours...the MC colours seem more pastel to me, is it probably because it's on a white bg so the colours are less vibrant than on the black, which to me seems like it has brighter colours?

    Cast your votes, please!

  2. I like the white
    but just have to be more careful with stain etc.
  3. White for sure..the Ivorie Epi is really different so they wouldn't be too similar IMO.
  4. I usually vote white for MC, but for the Elize I like it in black for some reason.
  5. I think the white is prettier
  6. I am a big black MC fan... you know which color I'm voting for!
  7. I prefer WHITE Eliza!:love: looks cute. :yes:
  8. I like the white also. Not a big fan of black MC.
  9. Normally I'd say black...but the white Eliza looks so much better! :yes: Get that one; it shouldn't be too bad if you get the ivoire speedy 25 and a white MC.
  10. I'm a fan of BLACK MC, but I think WHITE may actually look better in this style.
  11. i voted for black :smile:
  12. I like the white!
  13. Both of them are pretty. But for a shoulder bag I'll pick black MC.
  14. I much prefer the white.
  15. I agree they're both lovely. You can't make a wrong choice here. I'd prefer black though.