"eliteness" in stores?

  1. I've done this before too. I can usually tell within a few seconds how it's going to be when I walk in (not just in high end places, but anywhere) and if sense there will be some issues, I do the same thing and it usually works very, very well. Sucks to have to do that though and if they start warming up, then I'll warm up too and try to end it on a positive note so that the next time they see me they'll be nicer.
  2. I never dress up to go to stores, and I dislike interacting with salespeople so it works out fine for me on most occasions - I'm just in and out of there.

    I've been treated shabbily by salespeople and I don't care too much. In my line of work expensive dressing is not the norm - for anyone. I just look at the SAs who do that and think , "well, you're here and you're obviously not a rocket scientist, so who cares"
  3. In Britain we have this problem with standard shops as well as high-end ones. A lot of stores, particularly those aimed at younger women, only go up to a UK 16 (I think this is a US 12, but I could be wrong so feel free to correct me!) and my fave cheap shop, Jane Norman, only goes up to UK 14, and it's a small 14 at that! :wtf: This is ok for me, as i'm fairly slim, but it's not great for some of my friends...or for me when I'm shopping with them as we can't go to half the shops I like, because I'd worry they'd feel self-conscious and bored. I also get really annoyed that so many clothes aren't made to fit WOMEN...I have big b**bs and hips and a little waist, and I don't want to wear clothes that make the whole of my top half look the same size as my chest! :cursing:

    All I can say is thank goodness for bags! At least they will always fit everyone!!! :nuts:
  4. yeah i have played ***** before, so fun. Im normally so nice so once in awhile its fun to act like im above everyone hahaha
  5. I sort of get the opposite feeling.

    When my mom and I dress up cute, with our nice high end bags, we still get ignored sometimes. I see plenty of women in track suits or jogging suits, with baseball caps thrown over their messy ponytail who get more attention.
  6. exactly I like to browse first too to compare and think about it plus get the price since I always pay in cash, and I always dread it because I rarely get great treatment. I always feel like you should only go there to buy. They would be smart to be polite so you come back when you buy. Its like just because you are not buying today doesn't mean you never do.
  7. But a lot of times you need to get the SA in order to get the price, which can be challenging. I ordered a RM over the phone today and found the experience to be kinda refreshing. I asked my questions, gave my CC, and was back to work in five minutes.
  8. How true! :yes: Walk in at a quicker pace, ignore the SA's flippant "hellos" and walk directly to something at the center or back of the store- it always catches them off-guard. They'll approach:
    "Can I help you with anything?" one will say, sweet as pie
    "No." For more effect, don't even glance in their direction. If you're looking at clothes, I also think it helps to quickly flip through hangers, with a couple muffled "no"s or "eegh"s.

    From that point, they'll be stuck on you like glue! Whereas if you walk in, say hello, and start browsing, generally you'll get ignored :sad:
  9. It's like a game of stalk and hunt on both sides, isn't it? It's just fascinating that both sides have to cop an attitude just to complete a transaction. :rolleyes:
  10. For the first time a couple of months age, I went in to a high-end designer store (will not name) and had the salesperson call security to watch me! :shocked: I wasn't dressed in designer labels, but (except for walking shoes) was dressed in business casual clothes. It was insane. Now I'll go in to see bags IRL, but will purchase online. They lost a 2.5K sale, and I'll be spending more as the new fall bags come out. It's their loss, but now I'm reluctant to walk into other stores that may treat me badly. I'll get over it, but feel as thought I shouldn't have to - they're the ones with the problem! Sorry - off my soapbox now... :shame:
  11. I walked into Gucci in my jammies once and every SA present rushed to my side. :girlsigh:I know I definitely wasn't dressed up but I guess it wasn't that casual either ..? Or maybe they're just polite. I'm hoping it's the latter because all SA's should be courteous regardless of your socio-economic standing, how you are dressed and especially your body size. Although I am 00, P, XXS, or 38 for Italian sizing, but I've almost always been treated well.

    That same day though, I walked into LV and got treated horribly. I made a point to drop my wallet while exiting and let everything slip out though. :p Their loss.

    I also went to Prada, YSL, Bally, DKNY, Burberry and Bvlgari afterwards and everyone there was very kind. That LV instant did piss me off though. :rant:
  12. I went to the LV store in Milan, dressed like every other Milanesa, wearing a fur-hooded parka because it was winter. I think I was brushed off and ignored by about 3-4 different SAs, but I actually stayed and bought something after I finally got service. I think I waited for almost half an hour!

    I look kind of young, but the coat I was wearing was definitely not cheap. The killer might of been that I was carrying a nylon security travel bag meant to deter pickpocketing. Not glamorous, but it served a purpose.

    I waited because (1) the shoes were for my wedding, (2) they were selling out quickly in the States, and (3) I was saving about $200 with the VAT refund and the exchange rate.

    I suppose the redeeming point was when I finally got helped, the SA that assisted me was not one of the ones that ignored me, and was quite nice, so it was satisfying to be able to give her the sale.

    Still, a bad experience overall though.
  13. I've never had it happen to me in my less than glam attire. I always have my jewelry on, which is not cheap.

    But I've seen how others are treated.
  14. Don't you hate that mess?!! I've had something similar to that at Nordstroms also this past week, but it was with the cashier in the shoe department. She handed me my receipt while looking and speaking with a coworker and didn't say thank you chicken child OR duck. I let it slide, but will go shopping down there next week just to make sure this isn't here usual modus. If it is, there will be hell to pay. She'd better be dressed much better and her hair had better be combed this time, because when my sharp tongue gets through with her, she'll think twice about leaving her home unless 'I' approve of it. Trust that. :graucho: :roflmfao:
  15. there's s gucci outlet store 1 block from my job.. ever so often, i would stop by during lunch to shop a little... upon stepping in, i saw 4 or 5 HUGE bags filled with clothes, accessories, and bags... i thought, "great! gucci just got a delivery!"... perfect timing coz the shelves were practically empty!

    walking around, waiting for the stuff to be put on the shelf, i saw a man and a woman about 40-50 years old and a younger girl looked like in her 20s walking around the store dressed extremely bummy! i'm talkin about a baseball cap, stained jeans, old filthy sneaks, and a regular gym shirt under a ny giants jacket... the women didn't even have make-up on...

    trailing each of them was their very own SA... i looked over to the security guard, whom i've become friendly with due to the frequency of my visits, and asked "what's going on?" apparently, they were serious shoppers who already filled up 4-5 HUGE bags worth of stuff and were not even done shopping!!!!

    moral of the story - SAs shouldn't judge a book by its cover... i bet if the SAs at this particular store were rude, these people probably would have splurged elsewhere... and just by looking at the bags, i'd say they probably spent somewhere around $60K! imagine the commission?!