Elite Bargain

  1. They are having a Balenciaga sample sale in NYC. DO you know if they sell 100% guaranteed authentic goods? Thank you!
  2. I saw that and doubt that the items are authentic. I have never seen Balenciaga at a sample sale. The only way to be sure it to post it in the authenticate this thread when you get it. Good luck.
  3. Neiman's Last Call had a Balenciaga sale once with the same price range, and Bal NYC has their annual friends and family sample sale which is very limited - you wouldn't want to know the price, it's way below Elite (and you really have to know the right folks for this). Then again, there's Bluefly that was caught selling fake ones. My point is it's hard to judge just because of price range, and Bal sample sales do exist except they are very few.
  4. Wow, I didn't know Bal NY has their sample sale!:nuts: Have you ever been there? I heard some brands have a sample sale or some kind of sale for selective customers only. So it doesn't surprise me Bal has that kind of sale. And they shouldn't do it behind my back. They should invite me!!:lol:

    Anyway if you buy a Bal bag not direct from a Bal boutique, please don't forget to have it authenticated for peace of mind. Even if it is from a department store. I actually do it to protect myself not stuck with a fake. I have read enough scary stories on the forum. Also fake makers are really getting better and better. We should be really careful what we buy!
  5. It is so exclusive, you have to get invited first then make an appointment. I sent my daughter to a 4:30 pm appointment. When she got there the bags were gone :sad: That tells you we were not priority invitees, just friend of a friend of a friend. Very selective, even their SAs are not a part of it. I buy my Bal bags the normal way, I can't risk waiting for that time and then get disappointed. LOL
  6. Wow, invited & making an appointment!! Wow!:faint: I'm 100% positive they won't send me an invitaion, even though I'm very loyal to them because of the extra tassels!:lol:
  7. LOL Even so, I have never bought a bag through their sample sales! Would love to complete that experience....but I am destined to buy Bbags at full price or pre-owned!
  8. I hope they are authentic! I bought one on Friday. I was planning on having it authenticated once I got it but I am hoping it's good.:wondering
  9. Where do you go authenticate your bag?