Elitan ~ Classic UGG Boots 30% Off

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  1. Does this website sell 100% authentic Uggs? Or have you or anyone else bought from here before?
  2. I signed up for their newsletter and therefore post their sales, but I've never made a purchase.
  3. They are authentic, they have a store at Irvine Spectrum in California. The have a couple more stores. I bought a pair. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you.
  4. owww, thank you OP, i'd love to get a pair of grey ones. i missed my chance last time and i don't want to pass this time up. TY!
  5. Yay!!! Finally able to get my grey short Uggs. Thank You
  6. did all of you choose the "non-returnable option?"
  7. Thanks a lot! I got my 2nd pair of my uggs. Yay! :yahoo:
  8. i wanna order too...but if i select non returnable, will they send me defect items/??
  9. I hope not, I just placed an order....Too bad the Kitson orders fell through, we would have paid only 80$ for the classic talls. Oh well, 130 is still a pretty good deal.
  10. Oh btw, I got a shipping confirmation already within 2 hours of ordering :smile:
  11. yes they are on uggs authorized retailers list
  12. ok, all - I need an opinion. I want to get the classic tall ones but really want a color to go with both black and brown - what do you all think - grey or chestnut?
  13. personally, I vote for the chestnut, it goes really well with blue jeans, black and brown..

    I bought the greys as my second pair.
  14. thank you op!! i've already received my shipping confirmation.

    hi babybubba753, i chose non-returnable option too. fingers crossed:sweatdrop: