Elishas on Ebay for 295 BIN

  1. Wow...this is a great deal. As I type this she still has 5 bags up. I have never bought from this seller but they look excellent and so does the feedback.What a price! It almost seems like it would be a mistake and she should have put a 3 instead of a 2.

    eBay Store – Up To Date Denim: Search results for kooba.
  2. Hmmm... is it gone already? I actually only see it for $395 BIN.
  3. Looks like she changed the price. Two bags were sold for $295 :smile:
    I missed the great deal :sad:
  4. Have you got yours yet, Lexie? Like it?
  5. LOLOL, she must have read my mind. I even double checked because 295 seemed unbelieveable. Can you imagine how bad she must feel losing money like that with what obviously looked like a mistake. Oh well, too bad no one here snagged one. She probably caught on when she sold 2 within hours of listing.

    Yes, I have my Red Elisha and every day I use it I love it more. I get so many compliments on it. The leather is just so nice. I hope when I ever get a Bonnie I will be just as happy with it. I am only worried it may be too small. Oh well, I can always sell it. My Saks near here does not carry Kooba so I am destined for online buying unless I travel a ways further.
  6. Darn, but 395 is still a great price!
  7. Lexie - What a great deal! No wonder they were snapped up so fast. $395 still isn't bad, either.

    I'm so glad to hear you like your Elisha. You can't really know how practical a bag is until you've lived with it for a while. I love a pretty bag but I insist that they be user-friendly... easy to get into and out of, not too heavy, straps stay on my shoulder, etc. If the bag doesn't do all that, I won't carry it. Too bad there's no way to test-drive some of these babies in advance. I suppose I could rent one from Bag, Borrow, or Steal, but even that is pretty expensive.

    The best thing to do is come here and ask around! There's always great info on this forum.

    Thanks! I'm getting my Elisha in June.... can't wait!!!!! :drool:
  8. $395 is still pretty good to me, too. I am lusting after the Blonde Elisha! I will get one soon- I got my Bourbon Paige yesterday and it is just yummy! So happy with Kooba! :heart:
  9. Agree, $395 is still a good deal. I may cave and buy it soon.
    My local Nordstroms (Tysons Corner, VA) already carries Elisha, Devin, Nicole and Charlie. I definitely want Elisha in red but can't choose between Charlie and Nicole in ivory - both are so pretty. I think it is the best Kooba's collection for years.
  10. Ohhhh thanks for posting the heads up on Tyson's! I am going to go check them out this weekend! I also really like the Charlie and Nicole! I am loving the Nicole in ivory and the Charlie in luggage! DROOL :drool:
  11. is the last post a spam????
  12. mods need to delete that jackiechan post.

    anyway, i just bought the blondie in black for $124 from bleu clothing. not the color i wanted. would've prefer red or blonde but too good of a deal to pass up. i'm such a sucker! i still would like your elisha lexie!
  13. Congrats BabyK! Post pics when it comes! :smile:

    Thank you Lexie for the tip! $469 is a great price for the Charlie! Ohhhh, drool drool. I think I am will check 'em out IRL if I can and decide whether I want a the luggage Charlie first or the blonde Elisha! Ohhh decisions! :hrmm:
  14. Oh, rats! I would have snagged that up without a second thought for $295!!! On second thought, it may be better that I didn't have the chance...

    BTW, did anyone report jackiechan's post? If you click the red triangle under the avatar in a post, it automatically reports the post to the mods and they'll delete it...