Elisha's handles

  1. So my Elisha has threads hanging out of the handles...I already cut them last week but more popped out already.

    Has anyone else had this problem?? Its starting to make a little nervous because there is so many threads sticking out, it almost looks like my handles are hairy :wtf:
  2. Oh, no, not trouble with the Elisha as well :nuts:, maybe we should contact Kooba and let them know there are serious issues with the spring line, these are $600 bags, just not on!!:cursing:
  3. That doesn't bode well for Kooba. I am so glad I didn't buy it. Hopefully, this is just an exception. Polos - just a thought. Try contacting Kooba directly and see what they can do for you.
  4. My Elisha handles are fine. Maybe it is a defect in just your bag. Where did you get it? If it was a retail store I'd contact them asap.
  5. I wouldn't contact Kooba I would contact the store I got the purse from.
  6. I got it from Revolve clothing.... yeah i will give them a call.
  7. Let us know what they say Polis. I hope you get satisfaction. I would assume Revolve would stand behind what they are selling at least by giving an exchange.
  8. Hi i currently have the ada woven bourban handbag . I have only had it for 6 months. the handles are beginning to crack on the sides I can literaly peel the finish off. I purchased it through J C Madison.com. They guarantee its authentic. They claim they sent it back to kooba but all kooba did was re finish the edges they will eventually crack again. has this ever happened to anybody.
  9. Yes, this is normal. Kooba leather is soft and pliable, and the handles bear all of the weight the bag holds. Over time, the paint cracks and this is just normal. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    If you have a specific question about Koobas, feel free to start your own thread. You've already posted this question in 2 threads where the subject is non-related... you're not as likely to get a response when doing that... Just to let you know.

  10. I think it's normal.
  11. thank all of you for your response the only reason I posted it on so many forums was because i didn't get a response. I have been battling with the retailer. Hoping they will replace the handles. But now that i know its normal I won't be so disappointed. thanks again
  12. i have a kooba bonnie and i was just like "wear and tear" when it happend... if you want to know thoe god honest truth, a few quick swipes at it with a lighter and it singed right into the hole. you can't even tell.

    :love: bonnie :love:

    oh yeah and PS: it was on the BOW lol...
  13. Jes??? You did what with a lighter and your Kooba bow? I don't understand you post. Did you catch you bag on fire??? LOL