Elisha vs. Devin

  1. Hi,

    I have been reading the Kooba thread for a few weeks now and finally decided to seek some advice.

    I am looking for a black bag and am trying to decide between the black (leather, not suede) elisha or devin. I can't tell if the elisha straps would be long enough to fit comfortably on my shoulder. Also, I am having trouble figuring out which one is larger.

    Lastly, I am not sure if this matters, but I am tall girl (5'11") so I usually gravitate towards bags on the larger side.

    If you have any suggestions on where to get this bag at a discount please let me know. So far the best price seems to be at active endeavors. Anyone find any other discounted ones?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. yes, the elisha does fit over the shoulder and hangs nicely...it's a gorgeous bag, very room, soft wonderful leather and amazing to carry! welcome to the purse forum!!
  3. p.s. if you go to michaelkleinhandbags.com, call their number, see if they have that bag in stock...if they don't they'll order it for you and give you a 20% discount off of all kooba...that's where i get mine!
  4. Do you plan to wear this bag in the winter with a coat on? Or, is that not an issue?

    I have an Elisha and it does fit comfortably over the shoulder, but I'm not so sure it would with a coat on. (Of course, my Elisha is bright white and if you see me wearing it this winter with a heavy coat, I will, of course, have to be disciplined for committing a major fashion "don't". lol)
  5. I live in Miami so a winter coat won't be an issue...I hope!

    I think I am leaning towards the devin at this point, but still not positive. I usually buy bags with shorter straps, so maybe it will be a nice change.

    Can anyone tell me the size of the Elisha or Devin compared to the sienna?
  6. I think the Sienna is larger (slightly) than the Elisha, though I fit all of the same things in either bag. The Elisha's sides sort of taper in, but you can re-tie the bow in front to loosen it up and make it a larger bag. In general, I think my Sienna is a more functional bag than the Elisha. The longer shoulder straps on the Sienna make it easy to sling over your shoulder or dig into holding on to just one strap.

    I don't know how the Devin compares to the Sienna. Nunnla, any thoughts?
  7. I've not had an Elisha to compare, but have had a Devin and I would say it and the Sienna would hold about the same amount. If anything, the Devin may hold a bit more. It's round at the bottom, and will kind of 'balloon out' the more you put in. It's extremely soft and slouchy. The longer shoulder strap made it easy to get in and out of while on your shoulder as well.
  8. I think the Elisha looks like it holds more then the Sienna. What color are you leaning towards Jess? The red looks beautiful.
  9. I like the longer straps of the Devin. Both bags are beautiful and in comparison to eachother, I think they hold about the same. The difference in structure makes it hard to tell but the Devin holds your stuff a little more organized because of the built in floor it has.

    Compared to the Sienna, The Elisha holds way more. If you really packed the Elisha it is amazing what it would hold. But I think it would take away from it's appearance if you filled it that much.
  10. I am leaning towards the black leather. I am in desperate need of a black bag!
  11. I know what you mean! I am always looking for something basic and then another color pops out at me and I by that one instead and in the end I have another beautiful purse but no Black. :smile: