Elisha or Devin for my first Kooba?

  1. Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well :smile: I am lusting after my first Kooba and I am stuck between the red Elisha and the red Devin. Any suggestions? I am trying to figure out which one would look better on me. I'm 5'8" and about average size. All opinions and suggestions are very much appreciated! Thank you!!! :p
  2. I think it depends on how much you carry also. I prefer the Elisha and I think that would be a good choice. I don't know how tall the models on Active Endeavors or Revolve are, but they have to be close to your height, b/c they are models. I think the Elisha would look great!
  3. You cannot go wrong with either! I own both and love them both equally! If you have been watching Desperate Housewives this season, Teri Hatcher has been carrying the Devin in taupe suede all season. She is your height or taller and the Devin looks awesome on her! Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  4. That little red Elisha is HOT! I almost bought it.......Kooba is having a decent sale, but they were sold out on it, yet if you but it from another page it shows it in stock at regular price.

    Its really a darling bag......:yahoo:
  5. oooooooo thank you guys for your help! I am still undecided...although I did check out the activeendeavors website, and I didn't realize there were two different sizes of Devins. I would get the bigger one, because I don't think the small would look good on me. hmmmmmm such hard decisions! I'm still mulling it over, I'll let you guys know. Thanks again! :girlsigh:
  6. oops I was wrong. I just looked at the measurements and they are both the same! The bags just looked different in size with the different models! :shrugs:
  7. I am a huge fan of the Red devin :drool::drool: The color is so beautiful in real life!
    Also, the shape is unique -the Elisha is shaped like the Brynne...like the Marcelle...etc..
    the Devin is unique and the strap is soft and comfortable. It looks really cute on and I get tons of compliments when I switch to it :smile:
  8. You're right...I do really like the length of the strap on the Devin, and I am trying to get bags that are unique. I don't really have a big collection at all (if you could even call it one!). And so I just really want to get something I'm in love with. I recently just discovered Kooba and WOW I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

    And I love this Kooba forum! What great info they have here, a place for fakes, a place for authentic finds etc.

    I think I'm definitely leaning toward the Devin!!!:smile:
  9. Actually, Teri Hatcher is quite small. I think she says she's 5'6", but I walked past her one day, and she was really scrawny.